2023 FAI F5J World Championship for Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders, seniors and juniors will be organised by the Bulgarian Aeromodelling Federation and Modelclub Ikar from 13-19 August 2023, Dupnitsa, Bulgaria.

Competition Rules

Class F5J seniors and juniors

World Championships will be run according to:

  • FAI Sporting Code Section 4 – CIAM General Rules 2023 Edition
  • FAI Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling Volume F5 Radio Control Electric Powered Model Aircraft, 2023 Edition
  • FAI Code of Ethics
  • FAI anti-doping regulations

Valid FAI sporting licenses will be mandatory for each competitor, team manager. Only licenses which are registered on the FAI central database are valid.

Entry fees

  • 300 EUR for the team manager
  • 300 EUR per adult male competitor
  • 150 EUR per woman competitor
  • 150 EUR junior competitor
  • 70 EUR per helper, supporter

Protest fees

All protests must be presented in writing to the contest director and must be accompanied by the deposit of a fee. The amount of this fee shall be 50 Euros. The deposit is returned only if the protest is upheld.


  1. Intent to enter team with number of senior and junior competitors (Preliminary Entry Form): 15 March 2023
  2. Official entry (Final Entry Form) including competitors names: 15 May 2023 3. Receipt of all entry fees: 15 May 2023
  3. Entry fees submitted after 15 June 2023 +10 % penalty. Any submitted after 15 July 2023 + 20 % penalty.

Entry fees will not be accepted on arrival.

Classifications and awards

FAI medals and FAI diplomas for 1-2-3 individuals (seniors, female and juniors) and teams (3 seniors, 1 female and 1 juniors including the Team Manager) will be awarded. Additional organizer prizes will be awarded. In order to award the title of Junior World Champion, junior competitors from at least four nations must participate in the class. In order to award the title of Female World Champion, female competitors from at least four nations must participate in the class.

For the team ranking the best three results of the team (3 competitors and 1 female) will be considered.

Frequencies: 2.4 GHz

National teams and competitors

Senior team may consist of:

  • team manager, assistant team manager
  • 3 senior competitors
  • 1 female competitor

Junior team may consist of:

  • team manager, assistant team manager
  • 3 junior competitors (age limit 18 years in 2023)
  • 1 junior female competitor (age limit 18 years in 2023) − official helpers and supporters

Section for UAV regulations

In Bulletin-2 we will provide all necessary information about applicable rules or requirements for UAVs regulations in place, which might affect the conduct of the event.


If a competitor has to take, by a medical condition, any of the substances listed on the WADA Prohibited List then he must have a Therapeutic Use Exemption from the FAI. www.wada-ama.org Quotation from the FAI anti-doping regulations: “If you regularly take medication prescribed by your doctor and this medication is on the WADA prohibited list, you need to get a form called a TUE (therapeutic use exemption) filled out by your doctor. International level athletes must send the form to the FAI Secretariat, national level athletes send it to their National Air Sport Control”.


The Organiser will provide third party insurance cover to all participants for accidents involving injury to others or damage to property according to the host country’s legislation. Participants should provide their own health insurance to cover accident and illness.

COVID-19 Safety Information

Bulletin – 2 and all the following documentation will include all the necessary information and the protocols that the organizers and the participants will have to follow to participate based on the national regulations and the FAI recommendations. Always the national regulations prevail at all times over FAI recommendations. From time to time please visit the FAI web site COVID19 section for any updates. Our web site will also be updated for this matter when so needed.

COVID-19 Deadline

As it happened last year with all World or Continental Championships, as organizers we will be in direct contact with the CIAM Bureau to evaluate together the situation and decide accordingly. As always public health is and will be our top priority. If it will be required to cancel or postpone the event this will be announced to you not later than (60 days before the beginning day or a specific date).